Barbat is the first place on the island of Rab that you will come across after disembarking from the ferry. It is surrounded by pebble beaches and restaurants are supplied by local fishermen. We definitely recommend that you try the famous Kvarner shrimp or at least some locally grown vegetables.Barbat has its own holiday called "Karmenica" which is celebrated on July 16 with a rich gastronomic offer.It is connected to the town of Rab by a six-kilometer-long coastal promenade, ideal for morning cycling or running if you are a fan of this type of sporting activity.

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very good!!!
We arrived here by ferry and the experience was unmatched since it was my first time in a ferry. At the restaurant we were recommended the shrimps and the local vegetables by one of the staffs and true to his opinion they were tasty. I loved it.
This place had the best delicious dishes. They served fish which was my best together with fresh vegetables which were locally grown. The wine was sweet and smooth. I also enjoyed swimming at the pebble beaches which were clean and not crowded. The locals were friendly and helpful. My stay here was the best.
The local delicacies of the area, the sea cuisines and locally grown vegetable make the trip beautiful and worth it. In addition cycling along the six kilometer stretch of coastal promenade makes the trip both healthy, relaxing and enjoyable to visit.