Mundanije is the only place on the island that does not actually have any direct access to the sea, but in return offers you untouched nature combined with peace and quiet.The place is located in the central part of the island, which makes this place a perfect choice for lovers of nature and active holidays, because all the facilities are at hand. Climb to the top of Kamenjak, the highest hill in Rab, and enjoy the view of the entire island.The Feast of St. Matthew, which is celebrated here every year on September 21, is a great opportunity to taste local specialties and enjoy the rich program of cultural and entertainment events that take place throughout Mundani.

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very good!!!
This is the perfect destination for an adventurous holiday. I enjoyed hiking to the the top of Kamenjak. It was such a wonderful experience. Its natural beauty was so amazing and untouched. I enjoyed spending time here.
The cultural heritage of the place was awesome and entertaining as we managed to visit the event that was organised during our trip to the place and the experience was remarkable. Unique taste from the delicacies to the wonderful variety of dishes that were unforgettable.
Rich nature with diverse flora that is exciting and one of the places that i enjoyed my tour around. Breathtaking views of the landscape and the hike up the hill was great as we encountered some amazing things that were remarkable.