Suha Punta


Suha Punta is the most beautiful part of Kampor and a tourist mecca with many hotels, apartments and bungalows, swimming pools and other facilities, and well-equipped beaches where you will find everything you need, from cocktails to parasols.Suha Punta is located on the edge of the park-forest Dundovo, and gives its guests many opportunities to explore on foot or by bike, offering something new every day of their stay.

№526 in Cities of Croatia

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very good!!!
I loved the fact that the beach had everything that one could need, from the sun loungers and also they provided free sunscreens oil to the visitors. The cocktails from the restaurants are tasty, the sweetness could balance the sourness . Very great.
We were welcomed to this place by our guide. The hotel rooms were splendid. The beautiful well mowed garden surrounding the hotel were cool. We ate outdoors while enjoying fresh air. The climate was cool compared to the city scorching sun and polluted air. We relaxed here for a while then went hiking and later swimming. It was a great vacation.
I enjoyed my visit, the place offers relaxing atmosphere and i was able to relax and enjoy myself. The hikes made the visit more enjoyable. walking through the forest makes one just feel and enjoy nature and just wind down. Fine place to visit.