Supetarska Draga


Supetarska Draga is one of the oldest places on the island of Rab.Thanks to its long maritime tradition, Supetarska Draga is a favorite destination for boaters. Here is the oldest Benedictine abbey on the island, whose beauty attracts both tourists and believers.depending on when you visit it you may come across a gastronomic event or some sports or cultural-entertainment program.The village is also surrounded by a series of small uninhabited islets with beautiful beaches. If you are planning a trip, be sure to bring something to eat and enough water, as there are no bars or restaurants there.

№528 in Cities of Croatia

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very good!!!
As a boating lover, i rented a boat and the experience in the quiet sea was peaceful and very calming. Later i would join the locals in the different sports where i got to learn about their culture. The place is worth visiting.
The beach at this place was attractive and clean. It was not crowded and therefore ideal for a lone vacation that I needed. I enjoyed swimming and sunbathing. I ate my lunch alone watching birds. I loved throwing peace of good to them and enjoyed seeing them scramble. I went back feeling relaxed and happy.
Despite the absence of restaurants and bars, the place still gave me an interesting experience. Experiencing the local cultural activities made the visit all the more a wonderful experience. Generally a fine place to visit.