Only 12 kilometers away from the town of Rab is the smaller town of Lopar, also known as a "sandy paradise" thanks to its many natural sandy beaches (which are actually quite rare in the Adriatic) and many secluded coves as created for enjoying your vacation.Surrounded by a group of smaller islands and islets, Lopar has a lot to offer visitors. With a tradition of tourism of over a hundred years, Lopar is also the winner of the Blue Sail award for the best small tourist place in Kvarner.

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very good!!!
I came to Lopar and it mesmerised me with its spectacular beauty. I was especially delighted by the delicious sea food and exotic wine served after. I will definitely bring along my friends next time.
Lopar island is a magical place that really captivated me with its beauty. It has some very pretty sandy beaches with wondrous bays that are great for basking under the warm sun. Definitely worth a visit!
My partner and I enjoyed the amazing atmosphere of this island, especially the nature parks where we enjoyed taking walks enjoying the soothing breezes of the sea winds, and swaying trees. Lopar is truly magical!
My family and I enjoyed a luxurious visit to this pretty island. My kids especially enjoyed the boat rides where they could watch the cute dolphins. Every family should visit Lopar and experience its charm.
My friends and I were pleased by the first-class experience we had on this island. We camped in the heavenly resorts that had panoramic stunning views of the sea that were really captivating during sunsets.
I really loved this place. There was plenty to see and enjoy. I admired the beatiful beaches that are so cool and relaxing. Lopar is a place I would visting again and again just to have a good swim and play the beach volleyball