Lun is located on the northernmost cape of the island of Pag, about 20 km away from Novalja.Sami Lun is not located directly by the sea, but you descend to the sea through a 1km distant place Tovarnele. Here you can find excellent beaches and a landscaped promenade overlooking the nearby island of Dolfin, and the islands of Cres and Losinj. There is a lighthouse on the islet of Dolfin, and it was named after the bottlenose dolphins that are frequent guests in this part of the Pag waters.What Lun is known for on the island of Pag, but also in the world, are Lun olive groves.Among the about 80,000 olive trees in the Luna area, about 1,500 wild olive trees stand out, and the age of some olives has been estimated by experts at over 1,500 years! This area of ​​wild olive trees with an area of ​​24 hectares is the only one of its kind on the Adriatic and one of the three localities of its kind in the world and therefore has great botanical value. This protected reserve can be walked along a promenade about 2 km long.

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very good!!!
The landscape of the promenade was so spectacular. I enjoyed seeing the view of the water as I strolled in the morning and evening. The Island of Dolphin was so beautiful. There are different species of trees in this place which was really fascinating.
A tour down the olive trees gardens was spectacular and we enjoyed the history of the place and the amazing process of olive oil manufacture. The guide was helpful through the whole tour and we had a great time getting to see the marvel of the place and bought some for ourselves.
Excellent beaches and rich nature with diverse flora that was awesome. We enjoyed the visit to the place as we went sun busking and swimming at the dazzling sea and it was refreshing and relaxing experience. Great place to get your mind off the and wonderful place.