Prizna is a port settlement directly connected to the island of Pag. The village is located between Karlobag and Senj on a coastal road that connects towns and villages on the Adriatic coast. The city center is about 350 m from the ferry terminal, and the bus station is located on the main road about 2.5 km from the ferry terminal. If you find yourself there, you will most likely take a ferry to the island of Pag.

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very good!!!
I visited this place and enjoyed lazying on the beaches. I moved from one beach to another by ferry. The ferry rides were amazing. Looking at the large volumes of water while on the ferry made me feel happy.
I boarded one of the boats and cruised on the waters as i took pictures of the mainland, the adventure was really needed for me to clear my mind, the sunset was an absolute pleasure to witness, the temperature and the breeze was just right
I loved the services offered at the port by the port attendants;their services were fast and they ensured that the customer was satisfied. I was happy when i was offered a ride in the ferry, an experience i had never experienced before. It was really adventurous.
I learned of the village being a port settlement whose inhabitants were very friendly and welcoming. I Took a bus ride through the village to the ferry terminal and marvelled at the beauty of the designs of different houses and arts. I also loved the calmness of the people.
This port is absolutely lovely. I really enjoyed spending my time here. Seeing the Adriatic Coastline was so relaxing. My boat riding experience was spectacular. Its waters were so clean one could sea the sea bed. It was indeed a relaxing environment.
The water at this place was so clear. The view was so spectacular. There were plenty of boats available for rent. Swimming in its waters was really refreshing. I loved every moment I spent in this town.