White and Samara Rocks


The trail in the middle of the green Gorski Kotar in the area protected by Croatia with the greatest possible protection today limits the strict nature reserve - White and Samara rocks. Nature here must remain untouched and wild, so you are given the privilege of walking through the reserve, taking home only photos and memories.You will walk along the Vihora road, the legendary path that goes between White and Samara rocks. Experienced mountaineers consider Vihorashki put one of the most beautiful trails in Croatia. To go through some parts of the trail, you need to climb the rocks a bit, using your arms and legs and helping yourself with a cable and ladder. As technically difficult as it is, the view that will reward you at the top of the climb is the most likely experience.

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With the good gear for the activity, we went rock climbing and enjoyed the activity. My friends and i had an amazing tour and enjoyed the panoramic views of the landscape and beautiful nature.
The hiking trail was amazing. This place has very unique features. Its nature has not been tampered with. The white rocks were s spectacular. I made a lot of memories hiking on this reserve.
I wanted to be alone and that is why I wanted to come to this place. I rested well and went back feeling relaxed.
It was an exciting experience to walk through the reserve, along Vihara road where we took some photos . It was both a scary and exciting experience to climb at the mountain using our legs and arms with the help of the lamb and the ladder. At the top of the mountain, the views of the surroundings were panoramic.
As a mountaineer, it was a pleasant feeling to climb at the top of the mountain and watch the magical views of the surrounding.A walk through Vichora Ski trail as we admired the scenic beauty of nature and gasps of fresh air was therapeutic. The weather was favourable and the atmosphere lovely.
I really loved this place the rocks and nature of this place are so cool. It was a lot of fun climbing the rocks and the view up there is so breathtaking.
We came here for mountain climbing. The rocks were such a spectacular sight. We climb to the top of the rocks was not easy but we managed to reach there. The view of the Island from the top was breathtaking. I could have stayed here longer hadn't it been for our guide who alerted us of time up.