Ravna Gora


Ravna Gora is a municipality in Gorski Kotar, located on a plateau. The details of the origin of the settlement are not known, but it almost certainly existed before the beginning of the 18th century. In 1785, Ravna Gora received from the king the coat of arms and the charter of a privileged free city. During the First World War, the population became so impoverished that most ate only blueberries, which grow abundantly in this area. The patron saint of the town is Saint Teresa of Ávila, whose church was built at 825 meters above sea level in the early 20th century by the famous architect Hermann Bollé.

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very good!!!
My paragliding experience in Ravna Gora is forever etched into my mind. I enjoyed the panoramic views of its lush mountains and pristine clear waters. The adrenaline rush I felt was something else. I look forward to the next trip!
The lush town is very peaceful and lush but still, it has some nice spots to engage in adrenaline rush activities like paintball and archery. My boys and I had a great time enjoying all it has to offer.
I needed a good topography for my exercise and abit of cycling and someone mentioned ravna gora to me. Look ! I'm not just saying this to please you. I've been there and I liked it. The place is well known for mountaineering, walkers and cyclists. I really had a good experience and would recommend anyone looking for a place to exercise or just explore to visit ravna gora.
Ravna gora is one of the cities that boosts of having beutiful nature trails in Croatia. I visited the place and liked everything a bout nature. Plan to visit soon.
I visited this place with my cousin and loved the environment. The area is so clean with fresh springs of water. I woiuld definately visit Ravna Gora again in the near future.
I alwways admire nature especialy if its untouched. Ravna Gona is the place I visited with my wife and felt the real feeling of having peace.