Bajer lake


As an area rich in water, in 1952 an accumulation lake was created, which is arranged with promenades and entertainment facilities, attracts a large number of weekend hikers, especially in winter, and in summer visitors seek refuge from the summer bustle. It is located next to the town of Fužine where you can enjoy the gastronomic delicacies of this mountain region.

№281 in Lakes of Croatia

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The Lake is beautiful with turquoise waters that are catchy. Our summer trip to the place was totally worth it as we went for a hike at the mountain area and enjoyed the views of the lake and the nature on the landscape.
I wanted an active vacation. I loved hunting small animals in the nearby bushes and hiking. I went for long walks and runs along this beautiful lake. I hired a boat and enjoyed the boating experience. It was cool being here.
Bajer lake is very impressive. I enjoyed swimming with my fiancee. It is ideal for family and friends. Plan to take your kids to have fun.
There was horse riding and water sports at the which made my stay more enjoyable. If you are looking for anice place to have fun then Bajer is the place to visit.
Nature at the lake side is just amazing with different plant species and vegetation. I loved Lake Bajer.
The environment is just peaceful for a holiday. I spent my holiday touring around the lake and had much to see.
There were nice meals served around the lake. The fish from this lake tastes much sweeter than the one's I have previously tasted from other places.