The beautiful town of Kraljevica is located about 20 km from Rijeka, or at the entrance to the Bakar Bay. In fact, the most powerful Croatian noble families from the Middle Ages - Zrinski and Frankopani, ruled this area, so from that period stand out preserved feudal castles visible today.Namely, tourism in Kraljevica began to develop as early as the 19th century when the Austrian Count Ollschbaur built the first hotel, which was later converted into a luxury resort. Clean sea, well-kept beaches, cultural events, made many famous artists and people love to visit Kraljevica and enjoy its charm of a small coastal town.Today, Kraljevica is a maritime and shipbuilding center on the Adriatic, and the beautiful bays of Dubno and Scott with their well-maintained camps attract many tourists.

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I toured the maritime and shipbuilding company in this place and I was amazed. My guide took me around explaining every step. The experience was good. I booked a campsite and stayed here for 2 days enjoying the good weather.
The castle was beautiful and built in a very unique way, the design was authentic. The bay is also a great place to chill and look at the boats as they come and leave and also to witness ship building. Awesome experience
It was an educative tour as we learnt of the Croatian noble families who ruled this area and even built castles that are visible upto date. We stayed at the well maintained camps where the staff were friendly to us . The camps are clean and well maintained
We toured the well kept beaches and enjoyed swimming in its crystal clear water. We joined the locals in the cultural events and even got to taste some of the traditional cuisines made out of love. This small coastal town is a charm.
This small coastal town is a must visit. I enjoyed every moment I spent in this town. Swimming in its clean waters was so relaxing. The castles within this town were huge and they have existed since the Middle Ages.
This town has existed since the Middle Ages. It is a beautiful Coastal town. Its waters are really good and lovely. I enjoyed spending my time here. It was a fabulous moment swimming in its waters.
I toured the beautiful castles in this location that were once inhabited by the noble families of Frankopani and Zrinski. I learned about how these families were able to acquire this land and their ruling styles. It was a great experience