Lokve is located in Gorski kotar, halfway between the towns of Delnice and Fuzhine.

The small river Lokvarka flows along the village, and in the immediate vicinity there is the famous Lokvarsko Lake, due to which more and more passengers are turning off the main road.

Although Lokvarsko Lake is of an artificial character, it fits perfectly into the natural environment of high coniferous forests and thus represents an interesting and popular tourist attraction and is one of the favorite tourist attractions for those looking for a vacation in nature but also for sports and recreation. We definitely recommend renting a kayak with which you can tour the entire lake.

The Lokava area is also intertwined with numerous walking trails. If you are coming by car, do not miss the beautiful belvedere arranged above Lokvarsko Lake that will delight you. You will see a beautiful panorama: a lake surrounded by a coniferous forest in the background of which rises Risnjak.
The trail around Lokvarsko Lake is an incredible 17 kilometers long and is marked by macadam, forest paths and asphalt. On both sides of the lake there are numerous trails and forest roads that will allow you to explore every part of this beautiful mountain area.

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very good!!!
I was looking for a vacation in nature in combination with sports and recreation and when i found this place, i was elated. I rented a kayak at an affordable price then toured the entire lake. It was therapeutic to take a walk through the trail around Lokvarsko Lake which allowed me to explore every part of this beautiful area.
There are wonderful walking trails in this place. I was able to enjoy the view of Lokvarsko lake. I loved my visit here. I had a unique experience. The Coniferous forest was so beautiful.
The vegetation at the place brings out the best of the place and the rich flora gives interesting feels to the nature. We went hiking on the trails that are well indicated and loved the atmosphere and the weather at the place. Wonderful experience to remember at the place.
The Lokvarsko lake is so beautiful we enjoyed boat riding and viewing the eye-catching landscape. we even rented a kayak with which we toured the whole lake. I loved it.