Risnjak National Park


This area of ​​Gorski kotar has been declared a national park, where the massifs of the Risnjak and Snjezhnik mountains, the source of the river Kupa, preserved mountain forests, and rich fauna are located. With a peak of 1528 meters on an area of ​​6400 hectares, there are hiking trails for daring and hiking trails, each adorned with a view of this untouched nature.

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national parks


Crni Lug

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Bijela Vodica 48, 51317, Crni Lug


(8 reviews)
It was a wonderful place for me and my crew for hiking and enjoyment. The nature awesome and the view from the top was unforgettable
I loved how forested the park is with different types of trees. I learnt of many tree species from the polite, knowledgable guide.
very good!!!
Breathtaking hiking that has wonderful marked trails. We had an adventorous trip and the nature was superb with beautiful landscape and fresh air and we had alot of fun. Amazing views at the top of the of the rocks.
Risnjak Natural park is beautiful and amazing. I liked the nature, flora and fauna in the park. A good park.
The park is highly protected and conserved. I liked the guidance in the park. Wonderful park to visit.
This park has diverse species of Flora and Fauna. I was able to trek along the educational path and I was excited to see various Karstic features. It was quite a memorable nature walk
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