Risnjak National Park


Risnjak National Park is one of the 8 magnificent natural national parks in Croatia, which attracts more and more visitors every year with its beauty. It is located in the hilly Croatian region - Gorski Kotar, only 15 kilometers north of the Adriatic Sea. Risnjak area extends to an enviable 4600 hectares, and with every step you will feel the merging of the mind with nature.The park includes the magnificent Risnjak, the Snjezhnik massif and the beautiful source of the river Kupa.
Risnjak was named after a medium-sized wild animal, the lynx. The lynx is the rarest and most hidden beast in Europe and only a few hunters and naturalists know how to track them down. Risnjak is full of various lush forest species, landscaped promenades, small lawns and solid rock, and is rich in an enviable number of plant species, and is perfect for visitors looking for an active vacation.

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We found the beautiful source of the River Kupa when we visited the park. We also found an enviable number of plant species and lush forest species from the park that are rare to find elsewhere. The small lawns in the park offered us with a relaxing and refreshing environment.
My friends and i visited this national park during the weekend. the park has beautiful sceneries with lush forests, solid rocks and landscapes. We learnt various species of plants found here.
The park has rich flora and made of dense forest that provides a great place for hunting. We teamed up with my friends and with the help of the guide and it was a success through the entire activity. We managed to hunt one animal.
I really enjoyed touring this National Park. It has a diverse number of plant species. River kupa was my best scenery. It was so amazing and beautiful. I loved every bit of it. The trekking trails were amazing. I got to enjoy the view of its nature.
very good!!!