Zamost is a village near Cabar, located along the border with Slovenia. The village was formed along the west bank of the river Cabranka. At an altitude of 321 meters on the mountain Risnjak is the Mountain Lodge Zamost, a popular destination for mountaineers. Risnjak National Park is only 3 kilometers away. This small village is ideal for lovers of untouched nature, dense forests, wildlife, and rivers.

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My family and I took a vacation trip to this cute town and we found it very magical. We enjoyed cycling around in the beautiful parks and later having a picnic under its massive brisk forest. The weather was very pleasant.
very good!!!
My kids' dream of staying in a treehouse was fulfilled in this magical town of zamost. We enjoyed them immensely and it felt like one was in a fairy tale. The barbecue facilities and the lush gardens make this place extremely magical!
zamost is a very special place with enchanting mountainous ranges. This lush green town is the perfect getaway from the noisy city life as its location is very tranquil and serene. I enjoyed the soul healing benefits of its extremely fresh air!
I am a writer and I have been vacationing in zamost for the longest time. I enjoy renting the beautiful apartments with panoramic views that really help me to enjoy my books in a serene environment.
I greatly enjoyed taking nature walks in the nature trails of zamost. The beautiful town has charming hotels with warm and friendly hosts. The hot showers, air conditioning, and wi-fi connectivity are perfect. I plan to bring along my friends on the next visit.
Zamost has stunning houses built with modern technology please the eye. I during my visit there, I stayed in one of the garden houses and I can a test that they are absolutely beautiful. If you have never been to Zamost, purpose to visit and experience it yourself.