Youth Lake


Also called Lokvarsko Lake, it was named after the people who built it as a youth work brigade during Yugoslavia. Today it is a sports and recreational center of this area where various competitions are held, from rowing to fishing, adventurers can rent equipment and try some of the sports.

№41 in Lakes of Croatia

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We rented the adventuring equipments and we tried some of the sports which give me a craving of visiting this place more.We were lucky to join the locals in the rowing competition and also the fishing competition. The locals were cordial and charming.
This place was rich in cultural heritage and history. We visited the museum where historical artifacts were kept. Our guide told us much more about this place than we knew. We enjoyed our tour around the town.
A location that ensures you have fun and keep fit. The different recreational and sports activities offered make it a wonderful destination for people who want to just have fun in the water. I enjoyed rowing especially, under the sun occasional water splashes, a thrilling experience to say the least
very good!!!
Rowing on the lake is one of the activities that i enjoyed and loved every moment at the waters. Unforgettable momments.
The place organizes events and festivals to celebrate and it is always an amazing atmosphere to experience. Happy moments to live for.
Kayaking at the lake was fun and enjoyable for me and the whole crew and it was intresting activity.