The old town of Ozalj was built on a cliff above the river Kupa. Once upon a time, it was the seat of a powerful Croatian nobleman and the scene of exceptional cultural and historical events. Today's Ozalj builds its identity and tourist promotion on the foundations of valuable cultural and historical heritage and traditional peculiarities of the region.

The city was first mentioned in 1244 as a free royal city. From the end of the 14th century, the town was owned by the Frankopans, from whose hands it passed under the Zrinski family in 1550, which remained its owner until 1671.
To date, Ozalj has taken on a good foundation for the development of tourism, especially of a cultural-historical and excursion character. Thanks to its picturesque surroundings, this area is very suitable for lovers of history, nature and recreation at the famous Kupa beach.

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very good!!!
My buddies and I had a terrific time in this town. We went kayaking and canoeing in the beautiful meandering rivers every day. It was a lot of fun kayaking with other tourists and we made some really good friends.
My girlfriend and I had the time of our lives in this magical town. After a day of fun activities, we hit the trendy bars to experience the bustling nightlife. The beers, cocktails, and exotic wines are really fresh and funky. We had a terrific time.
The town of Ozalj is a very nice place to take a vacation in. My friends and I love taking walks in the beautiful streets admiring the ancient castles that look so splendid. The trip to this town always has a lot of learning opportunities.
We attended a friends wedding in the town and we immediately loved it. The hotel where the wedding was held had spacious and spectacular gardens, and the staff were polite and hardworking. We recommend it for the perfect wedding.
My kids fell in love with this town during our summer trip. They were really intrigued by the fascinating art museums found here. They learned a lot about the ancient history and culture of this town. They are very eager to visit again.
We always vacation in Ozalj town as a family. We stay in the elegant hotels that boasts of having spacious rooms and hot showers. The staff is always warm and friendly. This town never dissapoints.