Samobor is a lovely town located only 25km away from the center of Zagreb. It is a very suitable place for a day trip from the Croatian capital because it is an easy trip, and there are a number of interesting sights to see and things to experience.

One of the great attractions of Samobor is the food after all! Namely, the city is best known for its cream puffs. Although you can taste this delicious cream cheese all over Croatia (you can also buy it in supermarkets), the best traditional cream cheese is still produced in Samobor.

The beauty of this city lies in its historic architecture, beautiful nature and relaxing atmosphere. Samobor has a special, relaxing atmosphere both in the city center and in its surroundings. A walk through the city will take you back in time because of its well-maintained architecture that has not changed for centuries. Samobor parks evoke a relaxing atmosphere and embody that ancient charm.

Samobor can be easily explored on foot, although a bike (if you don’t have a rented car) would be a great idea for exploring the wider region.

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My wife and I had a relaxing trip to this town. We especially enjoyed sitting beside the rivers and admiring the beautiful bridges and clear waters. This town gratified our bodies, souls, and minds.
My friends and I had a really great time in Samobor. We especially enjoyed visiting the vibrant markets. The warm traders sold really fresh fruits and vegetables. We found this town to be so charming.
My family and I vacationed here and really delighted in the cozy eateries of this town. They had delicious cream cakes, dessert, and sweet mushroom soup. We really recommend this town for a magical vacation!
My friends and I had a really wonderful time in this exceptional town. We especially enjoyed visiting the beautiful castles and admiring the magnificent architecture. We look forward to the next visit.
I really had a great time taking strolls in this beautiful town. I really enjoyed sightseeing the beautiful churches and a stop inside really captivated my heart. This is such a serene town.
This town is so spectacular. I really enjoyed going to the vibrant shopping malls with a wide array of products to shop. The attendants were super friendly. I really had a great time.
My friends and I had a terrific time here. We especially enjoyed the camping experience here. The pleasant weather and sweet trees scents made it so alluring. We really had great adventures.