A relatively young city tailored to man, but a city with a rich history dating back to the Neolithic era, the city of Zapreshich is located 17 kilometers from Zagreb. It is located along the Sava River and at the foot of the western side of the Medvednica Mountains. Zapreshich and its surroundings reveal the rich history of the area, from archeological remains from the Neolithic and Iron Ages, through ancient remains to the present-day curiae and manors. Stone axes from the Neolithic period and ancient remains originate from Brdovec, while traces of the Iron Age were discovered at St. Cross.

At the end of the 11th century, the confidant of King Ladislav I. Arpadovich, Acha, on the western edges of Medvednica, received an estate from which the manor developed: It was in this area a century later that the present-day town of Zapreshich was located. After the Peasant Revolt in 1573, at the end of the 16th century, the estates were scattered on several small estates. During the 17th and 18th centuries, about thirty noble families lived in simple mansions on the estates. Until 1945, Zapreshich belonged to the parish of Brdovec, and in addition to the spiritual, this area became the center of many castles. Even today, the area is adorned by the castles Janushevec and Laduch, and in Zapreshich itself there are the magnificent castles Luzhnica and Novi dvori.

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It is rich in history dating back to the Neolithic era. We discovered the archaeological remains from the Neolithic and Iron Ages and manors that depict its rich history. The magnificent castles located here are perfect spot for relaxing one's mind.
This place has been in existence since the Neolithic period. The history of this place was so amazing. I loved how the tour guide explained it to us. This place also has many castle. They were so big and their designs were very unique.
We took a walk around and there were many archaeological remains in the place. The estates are so beautiful and lovely not forgetting the simple mansions in the estates.
Beauty in the landscape of the city and we had the opportunity of visiting some amazing sites around the area. We toured the castles and it was worth the visit. Wonderful place to relax and have fun as well as taking some beautiful pictures and having to know of the history.
very good!!!