Universiade Island Beach Jarun


Universiade Island Beach is located on the island of the same name in the city of Zagreb, within Lake Jarun. The beach is long, completely covered with tiny white pebbles. There is no natural shade on the beach, so be sure to bring sunscreen. It is often crowded here in the summer, when locals and tourists flock looking for a break from the tiring summer heat. Above the beach is the Jarun promenade that connects the whole lake. On it you can find everything you need - cafes, restaurants, patisseries, several beach volleyball courts, public showers and toilets, and lifeguards are available daily.


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I enjoyed walking along the Jarun promenade in this location while taking in the beauty of the sea and experiencing the cool breeze. I loved that the location had numerous games that one could pass time with while relaxing and enjoying the experience.
My isit was splendid, had to carry some sunscreen though, this white pebble beach is often crowded in the summer, showing ow great a place it is to visit. The restaurants and cafes and even various sports activities to enjoy are at the promenade near the beach. There are public shwers and toilets, safety is crucial here made apparent by lifeguards present daily.
The beach is very long perfect for late night walks and you really do not have to worry about a place to eat because they are just close by.
very good!!!
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