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The island of Tresnjevka is one of a total of six Jarun islets located on the lake of the same name in Zagreb. The island is named after the oldest and most famous settlement in the city - Tresnjevka. It is located below the Universiade Island with which it is connected by bridges to the rest of the mainland. On one side of the island is a long beach, completely covered with tiny white pebbles. There is no natural shade on the beach, so be sure to bring sunscreen. Also, there are no additional facilities or facilities on the island (except for publicly available showers, changing cabins and toilets), but they are located within walking distance.

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If you love nature walks then this island is perfect for you. You can do nature walks or bike riding too. The sunsets are breathe taking on these sides. Not so many trees hence carry a sunscreen. Best time to visit is the summer at least for the nature trails.
I enjoyed my visit to this beach despite the sandy part of the beach not having hsade it is still a nice place to just chill and have fun with friends, there are public showers, changing cabins and toilets a walking distance away. I recommend visiting this place, but carry some sunscreen and maybe some refreshments.
The open beach allowed me to give myself a tan while basking in the sun. It was great experience swimming in the open waters and exploring the aquatic life. My wife was enjoying her book on the beautiful beach.
very good!!!
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