Jarun Wilderness Island


The island of wilderness is located in the middle of Zagreb's Lake Jarun. The name fully describes it, namely it is a small island that bridges connect with the rest of the lake and is completely wild. High forest and dense vegetation make it difficult to move around the island, but there is a paved promenade where you can go around the whole area. There is also no beach, because the whole area is swampy and untidy for the public. The place is popular for recreation, especially for cycling.


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Jarun lake

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Perfect destination for cycling. The dense vegetation and tall trees make it a good place for cyclists to test their manoeuvrability skills which made my whole experience there awesome. Will definitely be back
As a person who loves hiking, the place was great to experience that because of the dense vegetation and the wild vibe. The place is however dirty and swampy so be sure to dress up accordingly.
Went here for a cycling expedition and the place had no beach. Although one may enjoy the scenery from the paved promenade on the island. It seems a little wild though.
very good!!!
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