The island of love Jarun


The island of love is located on the most popular Zagreb lake Jarun. It is a small island in the middle of the Small Lake Jarun to which, from the nearby main beach, you can swim (if you are an experienced swimmer). There are no facilities or objects on the island itself, but a few tall trees and low vegetation. It is named after its incredible shape - namely, the whole island is heart-shaped. Access to the beach of the island from the water side is gentle and sandy, so the climb to the island will not be problematic. The island offers a panoramic circular view of the entire lake and its surroundings.

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Jarun lake

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The heart-shaped island is a beautiful location that I enjoyed touring. My fiancee and I enjoyed exploring the beautiful vegetation and learning about the different animals. I loved the experience since it's where I proposed to my girlfriend.
If you are a loner then this is the perfect place to sit and meditate and enjoy your own company. You better be a good swimmer to be able to get to the island. The peace and quiet the island brings is perfect.
It is a swim away ffor professional swimmers from teh man beach, it has low vegetation and few tall trees. It has a gentle and sandy water side access to it. I enjiyed the panoramic circular view of the surrounding. It has no facilities, but if you know how to swim this place is just nice to visit.
very good!!!
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