Nudist Beach Jarun


Nudist Beach Jarun is located on the eponymous heresy, on the island of Croatian Youth. The beach is pebbly, like everything else on the lake, easily accessible and separate from the public eye. There is no natural shade or trees on the beach, so be sure to bring sunscreen. The entrance to the lake is gentle, and the bottom is covered with a combination of fine gravel and sand. Above the beach is the main lake promenade that circulates the entire lake. Nudist beach does not have the option of renting umbrellas and deck chairs. On the promenade you can find everything you need - from restaurants, beaches and cafes, ice cream parlors, playgrounds for children and youth and a field for various sports.

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I mostly enjoyed the flavour of the ice cream served from a nearby ice cream parlour to cool down the heat from the scorching sun. There were no available shade options so be prepared to endure the sun or stay at the restaurant
Such a beautiful beach! Everything seemed to be well organized especially the lake bed which is made from sand and gravel and the footpaths covered with beautiful pebbles. The playground was also large enough to accommodate a good number of children
My kids enjoyed playing in the sand and gravel. We sheltered under our umbrellas since there was no natural shade. We also had ice cream and ate lunch from a nearby restaurant. It had lots of fun.
very good!!!
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