Ricter Collection


The entire creative works of one of the most influential Croatian artists of the fifties and sixties were presented in a ground floor villa at Vrhovac 38, today known as the Collection of Vjenceslav Richter and Nada Karesh Richter. Its history begins in 1980, when Vjenceslav Richter and his wife Nada Karesh Richter donated works of art and their family home to the city of Zagreb in order to create a place where constructivist art could be studied, where young artists could gather, in order to encourage the spread of cultural content outside the center of Zagreb.

The Ricter Collection, as it is commonly called, was entrusted to the Museum of Contemporary Art in 1998. This was the beginning of intensive work on the professional processing of works of art by Vjenceslav Richter, as well as close cooperation between the museum curator and the artist, aimed at creating conditions for the opening of the collection to the public. At the initiative of donors, the park was set up by arranging sculptures, while the ground floor of the villa was rearranged for a permanent display of donated works. In the spring of 2000, the collection was opened to the public, while the close collaboration between Vjenceslav Richter and the Museum continued with the artist’s commitment to increasing donations to new works. Today, the Collection houses 182 works of art created between 1963 and 2002 that touch on all areas of Richter's artistic work.

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Vrhovec 38, 10000, Zagreb


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very good!!!
The Richter collection is a wonderful place for exhibition. I loved fully customized events in this place, So exceptional
We enjoyed our tour at the museum and the amazing piece of art displayed are exquisite. The rich history it holds is interesting and lovely.
Fine arrangement and organization of the collection. It was a great sight. The author has a great masterpiece.
Richter collection has numerous arts collections. I liked sightseeing and discovering croatian culture. Excellent place.
As an art enthusiast I found the tour around the contemporary art collected in this location is quite fascinating.
It has beautiful art pieces with great history behind it. As an art lover i enjoyed my visit and i highlly recommend this place
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