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On Medvednica above Zagreb there is a peak at 1033 meters above sea level Sljeme and thus belongs among the mountains. Numerous hiking trails, an asphalt road or a cable car lead to the top through Medvednica, and at the very top there is still a tower 169 meters high. With a beautiful view from the highest point in Zagreb for all recreationists in winter and when temperatures allow, there is a ski resort where even the youngest can try.

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(13 reviews)
Breathtaking views of the landscape and the amazing features that surround the mountain. We really enjoyed the refreshing breeze at the mountain top and loves the views of the place.
Hiking to this place was fantastic. It was like taking a nature walk seeing different species of plants.The view from the top was spectacular.
This is definitely a good tourist destination. I enjoyed Skiing during winter and my cable car ride was amazing. I really loved it
Easy and accessible path for the trail that we met as we wee hiking at Sljeme mountain. We walked up to the top of the mountain and the experience was phenomenal. I loved the sunshine exposure and my time was remarkable.
I would recommend a visit to the place for car enthusiasts. We had fun on the mountain road as we drove around and loves the views as well as a trip with my friends. The road trip was a success for us.
very good!!!
It was outstanding to engage in hiking trail in Sljemo. I liked how the mountain provided a clear view of the town. A nice place.
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