Orctova Beach


Orctova Beach is located on the tributary of the Sava River from Zagreb to Lake Rakitje. The beach is long, completely covered with tiny white pebbles. There is no natural shade on the beach, so be sure to bring sunscreen. There are no restaurants or facilities near the beach, and it is not easily accessible, so your privacy is guaranteed. The area around the beach is deserted, a bit wild, but great for fishing and recreation.


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I love fishing and I have been doing that for the past decade and the beach is always a perfect place to do that as there are very few people and so you can enjoy your alone time while fishing
We came here for fishing and I loved the privacy it offers. There were beautiful white pebbles and the place looked sort of deserted and wild. There is no natural shade so you have to carry sunscreen.
Having an alone time is what I enjoyed while being there. The beach is deserted so you'll have all the privacy you want while enjoying the cool breeze from the sea. There are however no restaurants so be sure to carry food
very good!!!
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