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Lake Crna Mlaka is located near the town of Karlovac and is a very famous natural habitat for many animals and plants. In the middle of the lake there is a small church which is a nice tourist attraction. Here the beaches and the landscape are relatively wild and not very popular for swimming such as the 4 Karlovac rivers that are nearby. Of course, if you are a fan, you can swim in the clear waters of the lake, but keep in mind that there are no additional facilities or buildings, and that the beaches and the bottom of the lake are not too landscaped. Lake Crna Mlaka is more popular for walks through dense forests, cycling and other recreational and fun activities.

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Lake Crna Mlaka

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Perfect for couples. Gives you the feel of adventure because of the dense forests which are good for walks. To make it even more memorable there is a church at the middle of the lake where love birds can tie the knot.
I enjoyed engaging in the various recreational activities in the area, I particularly loved cycling and walking in the dense forest in this location. I got to explore various animals and plants that added to the beauty of the location.
I enjoyed swimming in the lake next to the beach, the lake has clear waters suitable for swimming. The beach lacks facilities or buildinsg. I also enjoyed the various fun activities offeres here such as walk through the dense forests and watching the animals in their natural habitats. Will be visiting again next summer.
very good!!!
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