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Mihael Mikic family farm


The Mikic family farm was created out of love for nature and a healthy lifestyle, and their rich and native estate is located in the vicinity of Jastrebarsko. They are engaged in the breeding of dairy goats and the production of milk and fresh cream cheese. All foods that are grown are completely organic, untreated, from domestic seeds, and a lot of love, effort and will have been invested in the cultivation itself, which guarantees the ultimate quality of the product. You can buy and taste their products in direct agreement with the family farm and at certain points of sale.


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Food Location

Stankovo 240 10450 Jastrebarsko


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Visiting the farm of mihael mikic was a real pleasure and i would strongly recommend all those who love good food to visit his farm. The quality of the products is outstanding . My personal favorite was a cheese made from goat milk , made at the family farm, it was amazing!
I did have a nice time at the mihael mimic family farm and I think I will come back for more. I learned about the orchards, how to make apple juice and many other things about apples. thanks for having me
very good!!!
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