Martinska Beach


Martinska Beach is located on a peninsula, just across from the old town of Shibenik. It is connected to the city by a circular boat line. Swimmers have showers and toilets at their disposal. There are a lot of trees along and on the beach, which create natural shade during the summer heat. In one part the beach is concrete and in the other pebble. Next to the beach there is a cafe with a rich offer of cold drinks.

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Ribarski institut 3, 22000, Šibenik


(4 reviews)
I really enjoyed snorkeling at this beautiful beach with my fiancé. The accommodation and amenities around the beach were the best with good and available customer care. The place is just one of a kind.
Please, if you're looking for a beautiful, small beach with no waves, warm crystal clear water, fish, soft white sand and a ton of sun on a small, friendly Italian island, THIS is the place!
I loved how diverse this beach is in terms of the arrangement. One side is concrete and the other is pebbled, so one can choose where they'd like to relax and enjoy themselves. The endless trees to provide shade was a huge relief to be honest since during the summer the heat can be quite overwhelming. There is a cafe nearby with the most refreshing cold drinks.I totally enjoyed my visit.
very good!!!
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