11 loveliest beaches in Sibenik and its Riviera


The marvellous city of Sibenik is one of the most interesting destinations in Croatia. It combines rich history, UNESCO heritage sites, amazing landscape dominated by hills, forts and pine forests, and Dalmatian friendliness and hospitality into a comprehensive holiday experience. And when you add an array of its impressive beaches to the mix you get a recipe for a truly fabulous holiday.

The beautifully indented coastline of Sibenik and its Riviera offers a large number of diverse beaches for every kind of a traveller. From Blue Flag and luxury beaches to small charming ones nesting in the half-wilderness of the Adriatic seascape there isn’t a single one that is without its own specific charm. 

In this guide we have selected the loveliest and most representative Sibenik beaches and we hope you find your favourite ones among them. And, who knows - maybe they inspire you to explore all the bays, coves and as yet undiscovered corners of the Sibenik Riviera and all their charms.


Sibenik beaches

1.1. Banj beach

Located just off the historic core of the city, Banj beach combines swimming, sunbathing and sightseeing into one wholesome experience. A mere ten minutes’ walk away from the St. Jacob’s Cathedral, it is equipped with all the Blue Flag amenities, including toilets, changing booths and showers. The recreational options include basketball and beach volleyball courts, a street workout court and water sports rental services. If you’d rather just chill over a stunning view of Sibenik order a cold dink at the beach bar, or choose your coffee and lunch in one of the beach-adjacent cafes and restaurants.

1.2. Jadrija beach

The first eager swimmers arrived to Jadrija beach way back in 1922 and the legend was born. Since then, Jadrija has surpassed all expectations and turned itself into a Queen beach, adorned with the famously recognizable crown of over two dozen colourful changing cabins. With its charming retro look and a Mediterranean pine tree forest, this picturesque vista has recently become an Instagram hit, so definitely bring your camera with you.

A part of Jadrija’s coastline is pebbled, with easy sea access, plenty of natural shade, and a children’s playground and free parking near by. You’ll find the infrastructure a bit archaic, especially when it comes to basic amenities, but nothing beats having a cup of coffee, ice cream or a cold beer in one of the cafes nesting under the tall pine trees, listening to crickets chirrup in the mid-day sun.

1.3. Martinska beach

Another beach with a long history, Martinska has a special place in world literature. It is there that the famous Caribbean poet Aime Cesaire wrote his defining work “Return to my Native Land”, a prose poem that is considered the anthem of black African identity.

The inspirational landscape of Martinska with its dense pine tree forest has been adapted just enough to offer the basic amenities for your beach pleasure: changing booths, showers, a coffee shop and a fast food kiosk. The central section of Martinska beach often serves as a stage for various concerts and events during the summertime while swimming and sunbathing will prove most enjoyable on the gravel beach where the sea comes in shallow and there’s plenty of Mediterranean vegetation to provide a nice natural shade.

1.4. St. Nicholas beach

While this mildly wild beach with a gravel terrain and shallow sea level makes a great choice for a beach visit during the Summer, it will make for a spectacular walk and picnic in Spring and Autumn. Devoid of crowds, the beach returns to the elements and becomes a part of the stunning landscape of pine trees, grey rocks, wild flowers and the tranquil slate blue sea.

We highly recommend you pack for a picnic, bring your camera and spend an afternoon in the gorgeous seascape of St. Anthony’s Channel. As there are no amenities on this beach you’ll have to bring all your things with you, but there is a children’s playground and a small park with wooden benches adjacent to the beach. And while this location is not specifically designated as pet friendly, during the post-season when there are no more crowds you and your four-legged friend will have an absolutely fabulous time here.


Sibenik Riviera beaches

2.1. Zvizda beach, Zaton

This unassumingly lovely beach sits at the mouth of the Krka river in Zaton bay. With no clubs, bars or entertainment facilities and just the basic amenities that include toilets and changing booths, it usually flows under the tourist radar, but if you prefer out of the way places and the absence of crowds this place is going to be worth visiting. Landscaped on the outside and wild at heart, it offers an escape from excessive summer crowds, a pine tree forest for natural shade, and a blend of sea and river water for the maximum enjoyment of swimming and snorkeling. 

2.2. Slanica beach, Murter

This picturesque and cheerful beach forms itself around the versatile landscape of the Slanica bay. The flat rocks provide platforms for sunbathing, the pine forest offers ample shelter from the sun and a cozy place for a siesta while the comfortable sand-and-gravel terrain that extends into the seabed lends itself to whatever imaginative thing your kids decide they want to do next. To keep them happy and entertained the beach is equipped with various attractions, among which the large water slide is no doubt the most popular one. 

Cafes and restaurants are located at the back of the beach so while taking a break over coffee or cold drinks or dining on Mediterranean cuisine or fast food you’ll be doing so with the view of the entire bay and its beautiful sea,  spreading in front of you in its brilliant sapphire and azure shades.

2.3. Rezalište beach, Brodarica

Brodarica, a small holiday apartment settlement just outside of Sibenik, has just the right beach for you if you’re looking for something well equipped and at the same time casual and compact.

Aside from a fine gravel terrain, a clean and shallow sea accessible to visitors of all ages and all the basic amenities, this beach has a street workout equipment set, a beach volleyball court and a children’s playground with a trampoline and a floating aquapark. If you get peckish a fast food restaurant is nearby, and a beach bar where you can chill with a glass of iced coffee and get into the relaxed neighbourhood groove.

2.4. Solaris beach, Amadria Park, Solaris

The star beach of the Sibenik-Knin county, Solaris beach is a part of the Amadria Park luxury resort but accessible to all visitors.

The amazingly landscaped setting of the Mediterranean pine trees, mini parks and beaches hide a true beach paradise with a great number of attractions. The Dalmatian Ethno Village serves as a restaurant and an open air museum, showcasing the area’s culinary traditions. The Mediterranean city, envisaged as as a beach marketplace, offers indoor and outdoor dining and shopping all in one. The resort is not short on sports and recreational activities, either, with a sports center, tennis and volleyball courts, and water sports equipment rental available.

Great care has been taken to make sure children have as many entertainment options as the adults. They can have their own adventure on the pirate-themed mini golf course, and enjoy half a dozen waters slides leading from a fortress-like platform into one of the many pools in the resort’s aquapark.

Even if you’re coming to Solaris to enjoy swimming in its crystal clear sea and sunbathing on the sand and gravel beach, you shouldn’t resist the urge to make the best of everything the resort has to offer.

2.5. Zaboric beach, Zaboric

This beach is hands down one of the pretties beaches in the Sibenik-Knin county. Its long stretch of pebbled shore is flanked by the Mediterranean trees on one side and the stunning turquoise sea on the other. While the feel of it is undoubtedly Adriatic there is a touch of the tropics about it with the mild contrast of its blue-green sea, light-coloured pebbles and the summer blue horizon in the distance. 

There are no additional amenities here expect for a beach bar and a floating aquapark for children, but cafes, restaurants and options for recreational activities are near by and within easy reach. Even without all the extra stuff, with its sandy seabed and the carefree summer vibe Zaboric beach is one of the most beloved beaches in the area.

2.6. Srima beach, Srima

The minimalist design of Srima beach breathes elegance and neatly keeps all the Blue Flag amenities in order. Clean lines, simple shapes and just-this-side-of a monochromatic colour palette accentuate the natural loveliness of the surrounding seascape. The layout brings all the amenities and entertainment options within your reach and makes it easy for you to customize your own beach experience.

You can choose to sunbathe in any of the three separate sunbathing areas, with parasols and loungers for rent, and while you’re soaking up some sun your children will be all too happy to play in the sandpit not far from you. Swimming has never been safer and easier: the sea by the beach is shallow and easily accessible to everyone, and most importantly visibly sectioned off with lines of buoys to prevent any possible accidental entrance of pedal boats and kayaks into the swimming area.

Next to water sports equipment rental, football and basketball courts are located in the near vicinity of the beach, as are a number of catering facilities in case you want to go out for a full lunch. If you’d rather grab a bite and a drink on the beach itself you can head out to the beach bar instead.

The entire area is surrounded by trees, so natural shade is available at any time of day.

Perfect for everyone but especially for children, the elderly and wheelchair users, this beach proves that, when it comes to design, less is more. And while you’re there, make the best of it and linger until evening and let yourself go to the romantic summer night mood with the lights of the islands Prvic and Zlarin twinkling on the horizon.

2.7. Kosirina beach, Murter

With its calm waters, pine tree forest and the indented shape that provides natural shelter from the winds, Kosirina bay is a hit with the boaters. The sand and gravel beach and the sandy seabed make sea access easy for everyone, especially for children, who will no doubt enjoy splashing in the shallow all day long. And if they get tired of that, they can play on the playground adapted to their needs, complete with a big slide.

Kosirina bay doubles as an auto camp and its entertainment offer is available to visitors who are not guests of the camp (for a fee), so anyone looking for a bit of recreation can partake in various activities including table tennis, sailing and horseback riding. Cafes and restaurants are scattered around the entire length of the bay, so you won’t have to go far for drinks and dinner.

Still, don’t forget to take your daily dose of tranquillity, and set aside some time to relax in the deep shade of the Mediterranean pines and enjoy the view of the Tuzbina and Kornati islands.


Conclusion: Sibenik and its Riviera offer beaches that have been tailored to suit a variety of needs. All those looking to maximize their beach experience by having everything taken care of are bound to be fully satisfied with the Blue Flag certified Srima and Banj. A little less structure and a great summer vibe can be found on Kosirina and Slanica, where all the content nests in the Mediterranean seascape without intruding on it. To indulge in luxury head out to Solaris and if you prefer quaint and picturesque places, Jadrija and Zvizda will charm you with their character.

We hope this guide helps you make the best of your beach experience while in Sibenik. We’d love to hear your impressions so don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section. Whichever beach you choose, we hope you have an amazing time enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Sibenik coastline.

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