Jadrija Beach


Jadrija Beach is located on a peninsula at the entrance to the Shibenik Channel. It consists of two parts by type: one is concrete, the other is pebble. For 100 years, this has been a favorite swimming place for the people of Shibenik and their guests. On the concrete part of the beach, there are also famous colorful changing rooms, in front of which everyone likes to take photos. Showers are available for swimmers. On the beach, there are cafes and a pizzeria, which offer a wide selection of food and drinks. The entrance to the sea on the pebble part is gentle, so families with small children can also enjoy it. At the end of the peninsula is a lighthouse. The lighthouse offers a beautiful view of the Renaissance fortress of St. Nicholas, which is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Jadrija IV, 22211, Jadrija


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We took photos at the colourful changing rooms. I loved how art is depicted in those rooms. How neat and properly organized the rooms are is a turn on.
At the pizzeria at the beach pizza was served in large portions and at an affordable price. There were also other foods and drinks served here. There were made to perfection and their presentation is appealing to the eye
Such a beautiful site to see the Renaissance fortress of St. Nicholas at the end of peninsula. This is now one of my favorite beaches to come for a swim when i am around. The entrance to the sea on the pebble part is gentle and the beach has two parts by type: one is concrete, the other is pebble. I loved having had to access the cafes and a pizzeria which offer a wide selection of food and drinks on the beach.
It has concrete and pebble parts. There are showers and changing rooms. Cafes and pizzeria offer some really nice bites.The entrance to the sea is pbbl so it is suitable for families with young ones.
Picturesque pebble and concrete beach that we had the chance to visit with my fiance. Charming beach with cafes and restaurants that served amazing drinks and food as well as the lighthouse that captured our attention. We went swimming at the sea and the feeling was great, the showers were available too.
very good!!!
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