Beach by the grove Sibenik


This beach (as its name suggests) is located next to a small grove and belongs to the city of Sibenik. The beach is made entirely of fine light pebbles mixed with sand. The entrance to the sea is gentle and suitable for all ages. The quality, purity and clarity of the sea are top quality. Above the beach stretches a promenade (Coast of Fallen Soldiers) which also offers shade and salvation from the hot summer sun. There are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, so be sure to bring everything you need. Nearby there is a place where you will find everything you need - from cafes, restaurants, shops and apartments. Also, if you go by car, there is a Solaris resort nearby which has a fun aquapark within.

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I enjoyed the sunbathing experience as the beach is covered entirely with some fine light pebbles perfect spots for sunbathing. There was also a shelter around to provide the shade in case the sun gets really hot
I visited the beach while on a road trip with my family and my kids had a lot of funtime from an aqua park which was near the beach. The beach was also well maintained with pebbles neatly arranged entirely on the beach
This beach is perfect for relaxing and taking photos. The meadows are so serene and beautiful. I loved the tranquility and peace of this place. It suits every person who loves swimming and diving.
very good!!!
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