Minerska bay


Minerska bay is located in the middle of the St. Anthony's Canal near Shibenik. The beach is completely covered with small pebbles, and the entrance to the sea is shallow and gentle. The sea is of the highest purity and quality. Above the beach there is a promenade that follows the entire coast of this part of the Channel. The beach has some natural shade created by tall Dalmatian pines. There are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, so be sure to take everything you need. This area is especially popular among walkers and surviving recreationists due to the beautiful Mediterranean landscape and landscaped trails, promenades and beaches that are located here.

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If you love taking walks then this beach gives you the more reason to love taking walks because of the beautiful mediterranean landscape and landscape trails also a good place for recreation lovers. Tall Dalmatian pines offer some good natural shade so no need to carry your umbrella but carry what you'd need for your time at the beach. The entrance to the sea is shallow and gentle.
The tall Dalmatian pines present in this small pebble covered beach give great shade that makes you refreshed in the summer heat nex to the sea with a shalow and gentle entrance.I enjoyed the beautiful Mediterranean landscape and just resting under the shade of the Dalmatian pines. Carry everything you need because there are no additional facilities on the beach.
The tall Dalmatian pines in this location offer shade from the scorching sun. I particularly enjoyed walking through landscaped trails, Mediterranean landscapes, and promenades. I got to discover a lot about nature and I took photos for remembrance.
very good!!!
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