St. Nicolas Beach


St. Nicolas Beach is located in the St. Anthony's Canal in Sibenik, and is special in that it directly overlooks the nearby St. Nicholas Fortress. Namely, the fortress is a unique display of fortification construction and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site from 21017. Throughout history, the fortress was of great importance and was a defensive fortress that protected Shibenik and its port. The beach of the fortress is a bit wild and is bordered by lower Mediterranean vegetation. The beach is pebbly with a gentle entrance to the sea. Above the beach there is a promenade of St. Anthony that stretches across the entire Channel. There are no additional facilities or dog facilities on the beach, be sure to take everything you need.

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This location is rich in cultural history. I went for a boat ride and came across the St. Nicholas fortress, which holds significant cultural importance. I also loved experiencing the open waters and the aquatic life. It was a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.
Perfect for water sports activities and if you love boat rides well here you are lucky. The sea is clear perfect for a good swim and the views from the beach are breathtaking. Make sure you get a boat ride around the island.
The main attraction of this pebble beach and overlooks teh St. Nicholas fortress which is considered a World Heritage Site. The beach of te fortress is wild with some Mediterranean vegetation growing, and it has a gently entrance to the sea. Take verything you need when you visit this beach.
very good!!!
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