Hawaii Beach


Hawaiian Beach is located near the tourist resort Verudela in the bay below the Park Hotel. Hawaii is a popular name for Procipina Bay on the Verudela Peninsula. It is a pebble beach with a gradual entrance to the sea, the beach is ideal for families with small children who can have carefree fun in the shallows. All lovers of adrenaline challenges will find a place for themselves in the immediate vicinity - high rocks for jumping into the sea.

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52100, Pula


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Thrilling moments at the pebble beach with rocky places that we went for diving and swimming at the sea. We visited the beach with my family and the kids had their share of enjoyment with lots of activities. No natural shed so we had to carry ours to the beach and it was relaxing and enjoyable with couple of people present at the beach.
very good!!!
It was amazing walking on the shores barefoot, the beach had beautiful pebbles and shallow waters great for swimming, the music was also great and fun experience
I enjoyed the views of the sparkling waters of the sea as we went diving and swimming in mid-morning hours.
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