Lighthouse Beach


The Lighthouse Beach is an incredibly beautiful stone beach that scores with its spectacular backdrop, high cliffs and fabulous turquoise sea colors. This dream beach is particularly popular with couples because it is a little quieter here than on the main beaches. Behind the beach is a really fantastic cocktail bar with a wonderful view of the coast. An amazing bathing spot with a unique ambience! 

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I loved it! Very calm and peaceful while enjoying the breeze as you gaze to the sea. The cocktail bar just next to the beach provided enough refreshments while inhaling the fresh air coming from the sea.
This place is so amazing starting from the high cliffs and the stone beach. I loved it here since it was so quiet and the ambience was awesome. We also had delicious cocktails in the bars with beautiful views.
It’s one of my best moments in my life so far. Visited there with my wife during our honeymoon and the uninterrupted experience was perfect due to less number of people. The resorts were also beautifully designed with modern vibe
very good!!!
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