The island of St. Jerome


Sveti Jerolim is an island in the Brijuni archipelago, where there is an old quarry that began to be excavated during the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, which visitors can explore. Today, the island is adorned with two beaches with resolved infrastructure so that visitors are taken care of all day and enjoy the beauty of the island and gastronomy. Saint Jerome is most often reached by daily routes from Pula or Fazhana. It is part of a national park because it is still inhabited by protected animals such as peacocks.

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The Island is part of the great Brijuni archipelago,with and old quarry whose excavation dates back to the Austro-Hungarian era,which visitors can explore.The Island is today adorned with two lovely beaches and has good infrastructure which facilitates efficient movement around the island -quite great if you'd like to do sightseeing on a tight schedule. It's part of a national park and hosts peacocks and other protected animals
I love touring archaeological sites, i enjoyed visiting the old medieval quarry and also taking a walk on the roads built there, the beach was also exemplary, it was not so heavily crowded, sun basking here was exceptional for me.
A nice place for anyone seeking an adventure, this beach has enough infrastructure to serve the visitors. In addition to this one can visit an excavated section and just explore, one can enjoy the beauty of the island all day. Since it is still a part of a national park one can enjoy watching the beautiful birds here, peacocks! It is crowded in the summer but this should not deter anyone from visiting.
very good!!!
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