Budava Beach


Budava Bay, beaches which, in addition to being filled with all the facilities that will satisfy every visitor, also have a mystical side. There on its top, next to Valtura, near today's Pula airport, is the town of Vizache, historically known as Nesactium - the oldest town in Istria. The ancient people of the Histrians fought in the area with the Romans and legend has it that somewhere in the bay is hidden the crown of their last king Epolunus.

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Lots of sites available to visit and we made sure we visited a couple of them when we arrived at the beach. Nice place with hospitable people and lovely journey on our tour that was unforgettable.



We hired a boat that took us on a ride across the waters and we enjoyed the breeze on the boat. Have some few drinks on board and it was marvelous to be with my friends on the day out. The sun was good and the atmosphere was fascinating.
The pebble beach was super on our visit with clean and the necessary facilities were available. We enjoyed a good sunbath at the beach and had little chat with my friends for the weekend out. Nice place with few people available and it was fantastic.
very good!!!
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