Kale Beach


Kale Beach located in Kale bay which is often visited by boaters. The beach is made of larger pebbles, but still a bit inaccessible from the shore. Thanks to this, it is ideal for boaters, who love peace and good time in the shallows. The sea is calm, clean and pleasantly warm. There is also a restaurant on the beach that you can visit when the sun gets too strong. You can also visit the beach in Kala Bay from the mainland.

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Kale beach has a nice restaurant with super nice room service. By the fact that we were offered free WiFi made me enjoy the place even more. There is no shortage of things to do in the area especially the fabulous ancient ruins.
Being a boater,I'd highly recommend this beach to people who like boat riding since the presence of the large pebbles will prevent you boat from floating away when on shore and also give you a good grip when pulling your boat to shore.The water is clean and calm and luckily it doesn't have high tides to rock you boat so much.
For boat riding experience Kale beach is the most suitable. I spend half the time I was there boat riding in the clear waters watching the fishes. This place there is a lot of boats and sailsmen due to the still waters of the sea. I will indeed come back with my boat to enjoy the place even more.
very good!!!
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