Kale bay


Kala Bay hides the beach of the same name, which is not popular among tourists because it is inaccessible from the coast, but because of that it is often visited by boaters who love peace, quiet and good time. The sea here is calm, clean and pleasantly warm. There is also a restaurant on the beach that you can visit when the sun gets too strong.

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As a local of this area, I have been visiting the beach for the past 10 years because it always give me the peace of mind from the quiet and calmly nature of the place. Everyone who has visited has the same testimony.
I visited this place with a friend and the sea here is calm and peaceful. The beach does not have a lot of people since it is not easily accessible from the coast. It also has a restaurant where great meals and drinks are offered.
I have visited the place once and I really loved the fact that the place is not crowded and it is a perfect place to chill and enjoy the calmness of nature. The restaurant around also serve good meals
very good!!!
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