Kuviseja bay


Kuviseja beach is very popular among boaters, and less known to the rest of the public and tourists. Although inaccessible from the mainland due to its rocky shore it definitely has its charms. Namely, boaters like to visit Kuvišeja Bay because here the sea is protected, calm and very pleasant for swimming and storing the boat. There is almost never a big crowd in the sea because the beach is harder to reach, so sailors are left with peace and the need for privacy.

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Having visited the place once, I enjoyed the fact that the place is not crowded and it is a perfect place to chill and enjoy the calmness of nature. The restaurant around also serve good meals
This place is like hidden treasure. Although not easily accessible from the coast it is so beautiful and quiet since there are very few people there. It is so calming and relieves you from the pressure of crowds.
We once passed by the place while sailing and at first I didn't notice it was a beach from how few the people were. The air was so fresh and the calmness of the place still fresh in my mind. It was just serene!
very good!!!
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