Alba ciara Beach


The beautiful pebble beach Alba Chiara is located below two other popular Medulin beaches - Bijece and Belvedere beaches. It is beautifully decorated, and on the beach it is possible to rent deck chairs, canoes, pedal boats, jet skis and bicycles. Those who want refreshment outside the sea can buy refreshing drinks and ice cream at nearby restaurants.

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public beach



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52203, Medulin


(4 reviews)
Want to relax and enjoy the sea?Try this pebble beach. You can rent assorted equipment e.g; canoes and pedal boats ,for those looking to explore a bit of the sea.The nearby restaurants offer amazing refreshments ,what better treat for a hot summer day in the beach? It is a little crowded but I enjoyed my stay there.
Just along the beach coast is the bikini beach bar where i had some cocktails after having delicious food from the Octopus restaurant, i enjoyed my stay here in one of the apartments and came back the next day for a short swim and riding in the canoe. If you are from far also parking space is available no need to worry
This pebble beach is ideal for anyone wanting to relax and enjoy the sea. It allows for renting of various equipments such as canoes and pedal boats for a relaxing time in the sea, the restaurants nearby offer refreshments ideal for the hotter summer day in the beach. It is fairly crowded but I enjoyed heading there.
very good!!!
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