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The windmill, built 140 years ago, is a symbol of Medulin and the guardian of its port. The story of this raspberry (mill) began back in 1872 with the arrival of the Poshich brothers from Rovinj to Medulin, where they decided to build two windmills along the coast. The Medulin mills were the only ones of this type in the Mediterranean, so people came from all sides, by sea and by land. Thus, in Medulin, the ranks of those who patiently waited to grind the grain they nurtured were soon formed.

Today's Medulin mill is a faithful copy of the previous one - a windmill with its torch (grinding room), wooden elements of the mill, a rotating roof and eight-bladed propellers. Inside you will also find a variety of flour processing items, as well as numerous antiques, which have been forgotten in the attics for years and now shine with their old splendor in a restored windmill.

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