Bijeca Beach


We can say that the most famous beach in Medulin is Bijeca Beach, which stretches for more than 1 km along the coast. The beach is sandy with a beautiful entrance to the sea, which is suitable for children and the elderly, and sports fans will be attracted by shallow volleyball (picigin). You can also rent deck chairs and parasols here. Above the beach you can find shade in the shade of tall trees, so you can spend the whole day on Bijeca Beach enjoying the summer days.

Due to the favorable location of the beach in the city, you can easily access restaurants, bars and other facilities.

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52203, Medulin


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This has to be one of the loveliest sandy beaches I've seen. Characterised by beautiful shores stretching 1 km along the coastline,it is suitable for kids and the elderly hence being a 1st choice destination for family vacations. I mostly enjoyed playing shallow volleyball.The location is favourable,making it easily accessible. There are restaurants,bars and other facilities, . It's visited by many families,you should try it.
very good!!!
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