Guvnina Beach


Guvnina Beach is located in the bay of the same name. It is a pebble beach above which is a beautiful promenade. The sea here is clean, top quality but also relatively shallow which is ideal for families with children. A walk from the beach to reach the nearby forests of Kasteja and the camp, which is located nearby, offers you all the facilities needed for a top holiday.


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public beach



Place Location

52100, Premantura


(4 reviews)
Last holiday we visited this beach and it was more than we expected it to be. The beauty is on another level and the pebble beach was so pretty. It was nice walking on the beach and the nearby forest which has a camp. I will be definitely coming back.
I loved how the pebbles along the beach made the area look very beautiful for photography and memories capture. The forest nearby also brought about the nature vibes with birds singing bring perfect mood
The presence of nature walk just along the beach made the whole experience even much fun with my family. The water is clean and the breeze from the sea was just superb
very good!!!
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