Pjescana uvala Beach


Pjeshchana uvala is a village, as its name suggests, located next to a beautiful sandy pebble beach. With the shade of parasols or dense canopy of surrounding trees, it is ideal for a full-day family stay, and due to its gentle entrance to the crystal clear sea, it is especially popular with children and beginner swimmers. Along the coast stretches a promenade with numerous restaurants and various tourist facilities.

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public beach



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52203, Medulin


(4 reviews)
The beach has a really beautifully decorated promenade with restaurants and bars full of delicious delicacies and awesome drinks respectively. There is also a family park for tourists with kids and recreational activities such as volleyball and boat riding. What i loved most about the place was the relaxation and peace in the evening as i walked along the beach.
It's a pebbled sandy beach with a dense canopy that makes it favourable for a family trip to the beach. The crystal clarity of the sea makes the beach even more beautiful,It is therefore the perfect place to visit for a change of environment. There are many restaurants and tourist facilities as well.
This is a sandy pebbled beach with a dense canopy of surrounding trees that make it ideal for a family visit to the beach. The crystal clear sea adds to the beauty of the beach, making it a nice place to visit to change one's environment. The numerous restaurants and tourist facilities made my visit even more interesting.
very good!!!
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