Scuza Beach


The beautiful pebbled beach of Scuza lies just outside of Pomer. Here the shore falls very gently into the sea, so that Scuza becomes the perfect swimming spot for families with small children. Although that does not mean that it is not also enjoyed by couples, the youth and older people. The beach offers extensive green lying areas and shady trees under which people happily park. There is a kiosk, a beach bar with refreshments and snacks and rentals for parasols and lounge chairs. It is also possible to rent equipment for various water sports. The little ones will enjoy the floating water park. The best way to reach Scuza Beach is to take the footbridge from Pomer that connects the campsite to the beach. 

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The footbridge was a wonderful chilling spot and it connects the two beaches, i loved the shady trees and chilling on the green places under the tree, It also has a wonderful spot for kids and families and i absolutely loved the seafood delicacies on the stands and restaurants, it was great
My kids really had fun time at the beach because of the floating water park as well as how shallow the sea depth is which was perfect for them to enjoy swimming. There is also plenty of greenery to enjoy sunbathing as well as hangout with friends and families
A beach for everyone's how best I can describe this pebbled beach. My husband and I had fun swimming in the sea at this beach, the various water sporting activities here makes the visit fun and relaxing offering an escape from my busy city life. It has extensive green lying areas with shady trees giving a relaxing atmosphere. Kids can enjoy the floating water park here and refreshments are also available, one can also rent equipment to make their visit wonderful. Thinking of going back next summer.
very good!!!
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