20 most beautiful beaches in Istria


Surrounded by the sea on three sides, it is natural that Istria is among the most visited summer destinations in Croatia. The well-indented coastline offers over 300 km of beaches, which allows visitors to choose according to their wishes.In Istria there is an ideal place for vacation and beaches that will satisfy almost everyone; from pebble-covered shores to romantic rocky coves, sandy resorts ideal for children and isolated destinations for naturists or romantic couples.The sea is pleasantly warm, magically blue and crystal clear everywhere. Many beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag, a symbol of a preserved, safe and pleasant environment ideal for fun, relaxation and recreation.

We bring you the 20 most beautiful Istrian beaches that we definitely recommend to visit and enjoy the hot summer days:

1. Kamenjak, Medulin - beautiful beaches in a protected nature park in the south of the Istrian peninsula. 

2. Koversada Beach, Vrsar - the largest naturist beach in Europe. The proximity of the island to which you can swim offers you another oasis of peace.

3. Lone Cove Beach, Rovinj - One of the most beautiful Istrian beaches is part of the protected forest Zlatni rt, with an incredible view of Rovinj

4. Maskin Beach - Red Island, Rovinj - untouched beaches mostly rocky on the beautiful Red Island near Rovinj.

5. Kanova Beach, Umag - rocky beach near Camping IN Park Umag where you can find all additional facilities and facilities.

6. Sol Polynesia beach, Umag - beautiful beach with a combination of sand and gravel. The fenced part of the beach is reserved for naturists, and in addition to the sun and the sea on the beach, you can also enjoy numerous facilities and sports activities.

7. Brulo Beach, Porec - the most popular bathing destination in the area, located in a protected bay and surrounded by pleasant pine shade

8.Belvedere Beach, Vrsar- kilometer long modern beach with all necessary facilities to enjoy the summer days

9. Hawaii Beach, Pula - one of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Pula. The beach is equipped with all the amenities you need. Especially popular among young people and families with children

10. Njive Beach, Premantura - pebble rocky beach located in the bay of the same name on the west side of Cape Kamenjak. The beach has all the necessary facilities for rest and relaxation.

11. Pinizule Bay, Premantura - pebble bay surrounded by pine forest near the nearby dinosaur trail with exposed traces and fossils

12. Valbandon Beach, Fazana - The longest pebble beach in Fazhana with a white sandy shore that has enough space for sunbathing and facilities

13. Mulini Beach, Rovinj - rocky beach near the beautiful forest park Zlatni rt. On the beach you can enjoy many facilities and restaurants.

14. Zambratija Beach, Umag - a beautiful natural sandy beach very popular with locals and tourists. The beach has a bar where you can refresh yourself

15.St. Andrija Beach, Rabac - one of the most beautiful beaches in Istria with a well-kept promenade that leads you directly to the center of Rabac.

16. Bijeca Beach, Medulin - the most famous, kilometer long sandy beach in Medulin. Near the beach there are all the necessary facilities and facilities that you need for a perfect vacation.

17. Lanterna Beach, Novigrad - If you are looking for a place that will provide you with the best relaxation, but also a lot of fun and adrenaline, the popular Lanterna beach with its facilities is the right choice.

18. Koversada Beach, Vrsar - the largest naturist beach in Europe. The proximity of the islet to which you can swim offers you another oasis of peace

19. Mareda Beach, Novigrad - The beach is suitable for all ages, and is the winner of the Blue Flag status, which guarantees the purity and quality of the sea. In addition to the sea and sun, this beach offers many activities such as tennis, beach volleyball and various water attractions. Pets are allowed on the beach, and guests can enjoy the nearby newly opened restaurants, lounge bars and barbecue areas.

20. Botana Beach - is a small pebble beach that owes its name to the nearby Batana Beach Bar. On the edge of the bay, on the rocky shore, there are other quiet beaches, and the long pier also invites you to jump into the sea. 


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I got to visit the 10 places out of the 20 places in this location as suggested by the guide during my 5 day tour here. I was not disappointed, we took a walk on the pebble beach and it was super fun walking bare footed. We also enjoyed swimming on the beach and also engage in other activities.
Summer with the hot temperatures and the striking sunlight was amazing. The pine trees at sandy beaches were awesome with the refreshments from the beach bar and awesome views from the beaches. Awesome guide
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I really loved touring this town. The guide was so efficient. The beaches were magnificent. The guide made my trip so memorable. I enjoyed using the guide.
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My kids and I had a blissful experience relaxing in the pebble Hawaii beach and engaging in the numerous games at the water. The guide was helpful in outlining the various activities that we could do at this beautiful location.
I wanted to go to a safe beach with my children. I found the Hawaii beach in Pula in the guide and was happy. We loved this beach and we will come back soon.
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