Histria Beach


The beach within the hotel of the same name is open to all guests. The hotel located in the middle of the peninsula is surrounded by beaches, and offers in addition to gastro delicacies of its restaurants and entertainment in one of its four beach bars. For adventurers, there is also an underwater center where you can rent equipment and enjoy the underwater world.

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public beach



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Verudela, 52100, Pula


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The beach has a beautiful hotel where you can get a variety of dishes and drinks. There is also an entertainment area but that is just a tip of the iceberg. There is a beautiful underwater world. We did not know about this before going to the Beach so we were not really having the suitable equipment. luckily, they have the option of renting the underwater equipment at a very affordable price. There are also changing rooms and showers in case you want to go for a swim.
The beach is private and does not have many people that is fascinating. Interesting features of the beach that we enjoyed visiting with my fiance. The beach bar and the restaurants were the entertaining things at the beach with good music and delicious meals with drinks too that we loved..
As a lover of geography and biology the place was the best decision I've ever made ;the underwater centre answered all my questions. I dived to the dim and dead sea bottom and i loved how it's so quiet there. It was a great experience for me.
The interior decor in the restaurant wowed me, the tables weren't naked and they had these amazing table pieces that i couldn't stop admiring.It's marbled floor was exceptional and made it easy for one to walk on without slipping. I loved it.
We had not carried our underwater gear fortunately the beach rents these gears and we had an amazing time taking in the serene beauty of the underwater world. My friends enjoyed different cuisines prepared at different restaurants and rated them all.
very good!!!
The beach was spectacular, it had great services i did not have to carry my own umbrella i rented one there, and lots of recreational activities we played including tennis and golf, we enjoyed the experience
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